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1636 posts in that thread and I have quit coming to Genmay for 8+ months on two separate occasions...ugh

Originally Posted by DigitalMocking
I might have snapped in raid last night and called out our worst 4 players in the guild.

From what I recall it started with "Hamza, I don't know which officer dick you suck to keep a raid slot, but you must be fucking fantastic." Then I just got mean.

The 30% ICC buff has made half my guild lazy, and now the other half is just giving up out of frustration. Heroic Halion will show you who still pushes progression content and who just doesn't give a shit enough to be right on the edge. 80% of them don't pot before the pull, they don't pot during bloodlust, there's a missing gem or two here and there on supposed 'core raiders'

Guess I'm just going to run a couple of GDKP runs a week for gold until the expac, I can't handle watching yet more idiots die to fucking cutters, shadow traps, defile or break ice blocks early.

I miss hearing you snap on people When you stopped and I had to be the bad guy it wasn't nearly as fun.
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