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Originally Posted by DigitalMocking
Talked to the officers this morning a bit in vent. I told them I'd rather pug 5 people and give them the gear we don't need from 11/12 heroic rather than have 4 or 5 of these constant fucking failures in the raid. 80% of the shit is going to DE or offspec any more now.

Fuck, I'd rather not raid than watch 6 people die from cutters on halion because the tank didn't call it one time.

The 4 people we invited to replace are now practically members We're getting hate spam in trade from the twat who got kicked as well. It's funny, because they can't even get on a pug VoA - everyone knows them as the slackers from our guild

On the other hand, I have no issue giving gear to offspec. It tends to help out boredom levels. Surprisingly, people who have healed for the past few years want to dps sometimes. Go figure.
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