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I had one removed. I don't think they had ever said it was small. I ended up getting 3 stitches.

The cyst and its removal was a never a problem for me. It never hurt, and even though I received 3 stitches they didn't bother me (Though the big giant pad that they give you made poopin' difficult). The general anaesthesia sucked big time. Was nauseous for the rest of the day, didn't have an appetite for two days, and my throat hurt because they have to give you a breathing tube.

After it's removed, you have to keep your butt extra clean for the rest of your life. Don't wear dirty underwear, don't skip showers, sleep nude. I have had it flare up since the surgery due to negligence. Luckily it went back down after a few weeks. Pilonidal cysts are typically caused by genetics, so you're likely to get one again if you're not careful.

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