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I've had the surgery twice. The cyst came back a year after the 1st surgery. The 2nd procedure was a lot more envasive and I have a 3" to 4" scar now. The 1st surgery wasn't that bad; very little amount of pain. Took about an hour for the actual procedure, then I was in the hospital for almost a day for observation. The doctor gave me pills to keep me from going to the bathroom for a couple of days so as not to break the wound open. Then 3 days later he took out most of the packing that was seutered in. Then 10 days later the stitches came out.

The 2nd procedure sucked a lot more because the surgeon ordered me on a catheter for my hospital stay, which fucking sucks, hurt a lot, and was humiliating (having to wait for someone change a bag so you can go to the bathroom). I also had those stupid air cuffs around my ankles to keep blood flowing and to keep from clotting? Makes it pretty difficult to sleep. So I didn't sleep much for that hospital stay.

My cysts were caused by ingrown hairs. It would appear the surgeon didn't remove enough of the area the 1st time around, which is why the cyst reformed. It also became a lot more infected the 2nd time, due to scar tissue and all that junk in there.

I haven't had any flair ups in 3 or 4 yrs since my last surgery. I did have one laser hair removal treatment, which hurt a shitton (like someone snapping a rubber band on your skin x 1000), so I haven't gone back to get the rest of the hair removed. My surgeon suggested that as I seem prone to ingrown hairs. I shave/trim the area about once a month or so (as well as the rest of the manhood) which helps as well, keeping the area dry and clean.

Am I glad I had the procedure done? Hell yes. I could barely sit for more than 30mins before I had the surgeries. I also has nasty blood/puss discharge too, which is all gone now.
some vaulted pics I saved:
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