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canada is wacked

god, i thought trailer park boys was just exagerating about criminals in general, i had no idea that was political commentary

You have no idea. Bear in mind too, that guy has almost 18% of the popular vote. The winning party had just over 36% of the popular vote, and there are FIVE parties (not two) in Canada that are popular enough to participate in the official national debates. That's five parties with a campaign war chest, and his is the third most popular. At one point a few months ago, polls were showing Jack Layton's NDP to be in second overall in the popular vote. Yep, Canadians seem to want to put a guy in power who is willing to put sensitive national security documents in the public view. Now do you see why I don't mind it when felons can't vote, particularly in a country with laws as stupid as Canada's?

Seriously, search more Jack Layton quotes. Your jaw will drop with the stupid things he says in the Canadian parliament that Canadian lefties eat up like the word of God. The guy's an idiot, but he sucks union cock like no one else in the world so he gets a lot of support from the far left and people like the Canadian Auto Workers union who like getting paid $35/hour with abnormally long vacation times and unmatched benefits to do fuck all and then complain when GM wants to shut down a truck plant because they're not selling any trucks.

Bear in mind too, even the Conservative Party of Canada is more close to the Democrats than the Republicans. Canada does not have "conservatives" by American standards.

And yes, Trailer Park Boys is fucking HILARIOUS!
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