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I'm all in favor giving them help to get them off drugs, like access to treatment programs. I am not in favor of handing them cash (or food stamps, which are basically just proxy cash) without any condition that requires them to do SOMETHING productive to get themselves off the drugs and at least work towards becoming a productive member of society. I don't see any reason why my tax money should go to buy food or pay rent for a drug user who makes no attempt to stop using drugs (assuming help is available) and can't hold down a job to pay for his habit. You're basically enabling behavior that hurts society. That's not a moral judgement.
You're ignoring what happens if those people stop getting assistance. Do they just disappear or reform themselves? Probably not. They just get more desperate. They commit crimes, prostitute themselves, whatever it takes. If they have anyone who's dependent on them, even in their poorly functioning state, that person is probably fucked too now, whether it's a elderly person or a kid. They also have a good chance of ending up in jail or the ER room which would probably cost more than their foodstamps would for a long time. It's not clear cut at all whether simply cutting people off from foodstamps does anything to improve societys lot, there's no utilitarian metric that's decisive either way.

It's also quite subjective as to what drug addiction consists of. Is it drinking 4 nights a week? Smoking weed every other day? Buying food that's drowned in sugar? How much are the drug tests going to cost vs just paying for the food stamps?
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