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This is going to be a fucking slow-motion train wreck that lasts for the next 8 years.

His record shows him believing he's Caesar.

He will possibly party like Caligula.

He will have Nero's legacy...That is, if the empire doesn't fall completely apart.

Or have someone accelerate it by detonating a massive EMP blast in the atmosphere, frying the entire US electrical grid. But I guess a couple of you have bugout bags at the ready...So there you go.

I'm fucked, (huge surprise there I know) I doubt any country wants my fat ass, so I'm not going anywhere.

Not much better that the best to hope for is that he's largely ineffective and unable to pass anything...:P

So long as Mr Sessions doesn't outlaw weed at the state level again, nobody will get angry enough to stage anything that's a threat

Carry on!

stfu you liberal fagt sjw butthurt snowflake e
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