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She seeks attention based on her sexual activities. She seeks attention ONLY based on that. If that's not obvious from the search string I gave you, then I can't help you. She forms the identity of her relationship around sex. In most cases, this means she was abused. And you still have no idea what sociopathy is.

THIS IS THE BONE CLOSET!!! What the hell else should I post about? I enjoy having sex but it in no means defines my relationships. I am very open sexually and interested in trying new things. I love how if a girl likes having sex and asks sexual questions on a forum for sex, health, and hygiene everyone assumes there is something wrong with her. Yet a guy posts about how he cant decide if he should stop fucking 7 chicks or if his 10" penis is too small and nobody gives him shit.

Oh and the search link doesn't work so try again.
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