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Well, that was interesting. Mussels with white wine + butter.

So I decided to try and recreate one of my favorite dishes - steamed mussels in butter and wine sauce.

Thyme, Basil, olive oil, garlic, live mussels, white wine.

I have to admit that I've never cleaned live mussels before. It was pretty freaking disgusting, to be honest. Debearding almost made my girlfriend puke. I wasn't overly fond of it either. And these guys were pretty active - they kept trying to open their shells a bit, so every time you picked one up it moved.

Heat up a skillet, throw in the oil and garlic.

As soon as it starts to turn, throw in the mussels.

What surprised us is that they opened ~instantly~, and dumped water into the oil. Splatter time. Normally, from what I understand, you have to add more liquid to steam before they'll pop. These guys were open the moment they hit the oil. Probably had the pan too hot and flash boiled them. ~shudder~. Throw in the rest, stir for a moment, then pour in the wine and herbs.

Stew for a bit, then:

Woot. Smelled great.

Unfortunately, we realized we had no way of telling when they were done or not. Some looked overcooked, some looked undercooked, all looked pretty disgusting, and we'd already had to handle them and pull parts off and stuff... and we could see organs.

So she had some Taco Bell, I had some granola, and the mussels went into the bin. Last time I probably ever eat them - after this, I have zero interest in ever seeing one again.

Back to taco bell and burger king for the next 6 months for me! I hate cooking. Need to find a way of eating healthy that doesn't involve having to ever handle raw meat, cause I can't stand that shit.
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