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You cooking people are freaking insane.

I just tried to follow this recipe:

3/4 Lb Salmon Steak, fresh caught Alaskan Sockeye. Love the stuff.
Put butter, a bit lemon/garlic on it, some pepper and salt, put it in the right pan, and threw it in to broil. Gave it 5" from the burners, as that's the best I could do.

It started a FIRE when the butter flashed up high enough and lit briefly. It had been in the oven for 3.5 minutes at this point. Pulled it out - outside was getting nicely browned, and the inside was totally raw.

Threw it back in to bake at 350. We'll see how it does. You all are insane - this isn't worth the effort or the money. I can get a good salmon dish from Chilis for the same amount I paid for this steak, and NOT have to go through this insanity (or have to run for my fire extinguisher).

edit: and yes, I'm sure it was raw. Cold, slimy, same as it had been fresh.
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