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You cooking people are freaking insane.

I just tried to follow this recipe:

3/4 Lb Salmon Steak, fresh caught Alaskan Sockeye. Love the stuff.
Put butter, a bit lemon/garlic on it, some pepper and salt, put it in the right pan, and threw it in to broil. Gave it 5" from the burners, as that's the best I could do.

It started a FIRE when the butter flashed up high enough and lit briefly. It had been in the oven for 3.5 minutes at this point. Pulled it out - outside was getting nicely browned, and the inside was totally raw.

Threw it back in to bake at 350. We'll see how it does. You all are insane - this isn't worth the effort or the money. I can get a good salmon dish from Chilis for the same amount I paid for this steak, and NOT have to go through this insanity (or have to run for my fire extinguisher).

edit: and yes, I'm sure it was raw. Cold, slimy, same as it had been fresh.

Everyone has a couple rough dishes as they learn, but what else are you going to do, eat out every meal for the rest of your life? Worth the effort to learn for most people.

I've never had butter catch fire in the oven, how heavy did you baste it on? And of course it was raw inside after only 3.5 minutes.

You gotta be careful with recipes online that involve broiling, it varies tremendously by oven. Might not be something to start out with.
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