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Done fixed up the tubes and stuff.

Because I wasn't doing enough, I ordered Hella E code headlights, too. Got the headlights in, got the relay sub-harness made, got the initial cut at running, then ordered 50F9 idle jets to replace the 45F9 jets in 'em from the builder.

Before I got them, they'd been sitting on a shelf for a while, so I had to coax them back to life, and the needle valve in the middle carb's float chamber was very firmly stuck for some reason. But all that's fixed now, and it runs, except for a flat spot at around 2500 where the carbs should smoothly pass from the progression circuit to the main circuit (it leans out and bogs). But that's what the richer idle jets are for.

Once the mains come in, it's a revelation, and it pulls hard straight to 7000.
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