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It's gonna do the same thing for you. it's not that great indoors. The fuji ones, like the F30, those are great indoors.

IS doesn't do miracles. indoors you just need good old fashioned high ISO performance and a fast lens.

I went out today and did a lot of research and took a look at the options when I went into the store.

The F30 was nice and it's ultra ISO mode along with that neat little CCD design it uses really does make indoor pictures a lot easier. I ended up buying the Canon anyways since I really wanted the 12x zoom. I'm very happy so far (I've only had a few hours to play with it.) It starts up, focuses, and takes pictures a TON faster then my A80. I'll post some comparision pictures between the old and new camera when I get teh chance.

Something has to be fucked up with the A80 as well as even out doors pictures at low ISO numbers are starting to show alot of grain. I wouldn't be surprised, my wife has dropped this camera more then once. The hand strap is now mandatory when she's using the new one.

She doesn't know I bought it yet, but I bet I'm getting the world's best blowjob tonight.
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