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Of course you don't remember it. And you weren't correct in the sunspot thread. This is why people here, people with legitimate knowledge of the field you propose to be revolutionizing, refuse to engage in logical discussion with you. There's no point wasting our time, you do not posses the maturity to learn. You accuse us of being closed minded, but the irony is you're the most closed minded of us all.

Now that I have more time to respond to this.

Your point is really just silly. To accuse me of close mindedness. Its not that I don't 'get' traditional mainstream scientific paradigms, its not that I even deny them or even think they are wrong, perhaps there are missing portions but of course there is, thats the nature of science. I just don't see any reason to not thoroughly explore concepts in fringe theory. Why not explore such things, why not think about them? I am not 'denying' anything of more conservative science in my ponderings of fringe theory, I am not 'closing my mind' to conservative science. I recognize scientific theory where it currently is and I am saying hey WHAT IF, LETS MAYBE THINK ABOUT THIS, THIS COULD BE POSSIBLE.

And there is nothing I need to 'learn', my ponderings in fringe theory hasn't come around because Ive not learned to not do this. I am well aware of conservative scientific paradigms, my ponderings in fringe theory come from nothing more than a need to expand.

If YOU were actually well versed with current scientific paradigms of the things I discussed you would actually not have as much abberation to what I say. I mean do you know what the current mainstream contexts are for planetary formation, and for why the sun burns indefinanetly?

You just love to critisize and critisize, but you have absolutely no substance on which you are critisizing. I bet you I could copy and paste something from a well-established textbook of science from 50's years ago and you would still pop in 'FRAUDULENT' not understanding anything thats really being said.
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