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Actually it's quite obvious that A) no, you don't get the substance of conventional science, as demonstrated by your repeated and gross misunderstanding of basic scientific concepts, and B) you don't understand the nature or process of science in the first place, or you wouldn't engage in the type of fringe that you're so fond of.

Nonsense. What I do is not from lack of understanding. Western science is missing one component in it's understanding. And don't misunderstand its not that I think science should be different, but I will not ignore and constrain myself because of this one missing component.

What I am referring to can begun to be understood with this quote:

"Yoga is the science of the east as Science is the yoga of the west"
-John C Lilly.

You probably understand what that means...

But in summation, roll back the clock to when yoga or science were conceived and they were actually conceived for the same exact reason. Yoga and Science solve different problems in todays modern world, but when originally conceived they came about as a solution to the same problem, to same the question.

This question can generally be paraphrased as, what is objective?

People began to notice that other people were skewing the truth based on their perception, that no one could agree on what exactly was true because everyone was perceiving things differently.

Science's solution to that problem was the scientific method, where you formulate hypothesis and verify through evidence. Science assumes that, no ones perception can be trusted therefore any truth must be 'verified' against an external measurement of some kind, a measurement separate from someones perception.

Conversely yoga's solution to the same exact problem was, and is, yoga. If you want to be specific, I am referring Raja Yoga (classical yoga), or go up the timeline to more recent, but still ancient forms of yoga like Kriya Yoga. I note that so you don't think I am referring to 24 HOUR FITNESS YOGA CLASS. No, not that yoga. Ancient forms of yoga used as a very intense spiritual practice.

See to solve this question of 'what is objective', science assumed it would be impossible to get clear enough perception and thus you could never fully trust your own perception or truths revealed purely through perception. Yoga however went the exact opposite route. Yoga IS the very method to GET clear perception so your direct perception actually is itself objective.

You see? Science obtains objectivity through external measurement because it assumes the perciever is faulty by nature (I personally believe that stems from Christianities whole 'original sin' thing). Yoga assumes that the perciever may be faulty, but the perciever can be cleansed, and made clear, to see the truth, to see objectivity.

This is why 'yogis' and 'ancient vedic literature' can often bump up against theoretical physics concerning the cosmos. Yoga is system to allow one to directly perceive the true nature of the cosmos. Then science is a system devised to piece together through measurement the true nature of the cosmos.

The route which gives you the quickest access to the true nature of cosmos should be obvious, it is of course yoga. Just cleanse your perception, cleanse your mind, soul and consciousness and then LOOK, it instantly makes perfect sense what is occurring and why. The only problem with that is that the information you receive and the understandings which form are intensely idiosyncratic. Because there is no brain process involved, it's more like a direct transmission from the source of existence into your molecular biology and DNA. This is great for your body and soul coming into awareness of what it 'is', but it leaves you with not many bits of information in the brain, because the brain operates in metaphors, words, images and models. And the information you download through yoga is not a metaphor.

Back in the olden days of Yoga, a Yogi would say why would you need a metaphor (model) of truth?! Just connect directly! Some still say this.

However science has demonstrated the value of metaphors of truth, because the metaphors (models) can be used to construct various technologies.

So here we have Yoga, which gives you the full truth in a quick hard coded molecular, genetic, energetic blast. But leaves you with no well put together, thoroughly tested and properly constructed model which you can use to create technologies.

Then we have Science which ever so slowly builds and constructs by feeling its way around in the dark, but atleast everything it produces is in a neat thoroughly tested and properly constructed model which can be used for the creation of technology.

These two things can be combined for a greater purpose.

Science does not have to just feel it's way around in the dark and hop by mere chance it hits something good. People can use yogic techniques to pop their heads up into the full awareness of all that is, take a quick, albeit PSYCHOTIC peak at it all and come back with just a general jist, a general 'intuition' that there is SOMETHING that way, that it might be of great benefit for science to feel around in the dark that direction.

This is how they are combined. And you being educated I am sure you know that many great breakthroughs in science came from big 'ah-hah' moments where things just happened to click, then based on an intuition, science went that direction to discover whatever it was that it found.

I can tell you these things:
The planet grew from it's center. The sun grew from it's center just the same. The entire cosmos grew from it's center just the same. We grew from our center as did every entity just the same. It is the same center holographically duplicated in every entity. This center is some sort of geometric structure of energy and it is hexagonal in nature, or tesseract-like. It inherently emits energy just by the nature of what it is. There must be SOME way to replicate whatever this is for the purpose of creating electricity. We can examine this structure in ourselves.

If your wondering what that 'one component is' that science left out, its that, your direct perception can actually reveal to you great truth. I will not forego clarity of perception for grabbing in the dark. Science should not be a grabbing in the dark for whatever we happen to fall upon. We can LOOK at the whole thing, and see immediately what is true and then use the knowledge gained from that to properly aim the development of science.

There is a closed circuit current of energy that underlays the manifestation of everything. This current flips in and out through hyper dimensional holes, there has to be a way to harness this for use as an electrical generator.
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