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Originally Posted by Horsey
I'm F.

I think going agnostic over athiest might be an error for some people.

To be agnostic by definition is to be uncertain about something. But there are different levels of uncertainty.

For example we can never be certain that the sun will be there tomorrow. Overnight it might go supernova. Would those that are agnostic about god also claim to be agnostic about the sun rising tomorrow? Would they be agnostic about the possibility of a Yeti molesting a poodle outside their house at this very moment?

So if you're uncertain about the existence of Gods you must be uncertain about every single possible thing that could ever (hypothetically) happen? Let's not get carried away here.

I call myself agnostic because, as you've pointed out, I'm uncertain. I haven't formulated an opinion on the existence of any gods, mostly because there is no evidence to sway me in either direction. For me, it's a non issue. I treat it as if I've never even heard of the idea of a god. And for your examples, yes I would be agnostic about them. Unless there is sufficient evidence to sway me in either direction, the only thing I can do is say "I don't know."

And sometimes that is the only right answer.
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