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So I bucked up and took your recipie for a spin this weekend CJ.

I only had balsamic vinager so I used that in lieu of the sherry, and added a splash of merlot in as well.

I usually know better but jsut went with the flow and added the entire 1/2 cup of sugar all at once, and honestly, that combined with the balsamic made the sauce a bit too sweet for my liking. I cut it down with a bit of red wine vinegar to try and dilute some of the sweetness, which worked well. I ended up making 2 big trays of lasagne with the sauce, had one for dinner, the other is in the freezer awaiting Xmas eve .

I'm going to make another batch of the sauce tonight or tomorrow, and go with the sherry and maybe 1/4 cup of sugar to start, and take it from there.

All in all, great recipie, easy to follow your instructions, will make again!!
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