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I've been playing for quite a bit today on PS3 and so far I feel like the game deserves maybe a C+ or B-.

I hate what they've done with the menus, the menus from Bad Company 2 were much better and easier to navigate. Just changing the scope on your gun is such a pain in the ass now.

The flashlight is stupid and has way too much of a negative effect on your sight, even from far away.

I don't like that the weapons available to you is based on which side you are on. Why can't I use my favorite gun on both sides?

I can hear everyone talking, regardless of if they're in my squad or not, and there is no way to mute them that I have found. That is really annoying. Hopefully that is just a beta mistake.

A regular match feels like hardcore to me. It seems like after 1 or 2 shots I'm down. Overall, the weapons balance seems off.

I know this is just a beta, and just one map at that, but right now it seems to be BC2 with slightly better graphics. I don't know that they've improved it all that much.

I'll probably still pick it up, because it's a better FPS than any CoD games in my opinion, but overall the beta hasn't blown me away like I was hoping it would.
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