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WTS a 70 Orc Hunter on Balnazzar (PvP)
Eligible for realm transfer on Saturday June 14.

Has 3 pieces of Season 3 Arena gear, and the Season 3 2h Axe.
Other slots are filled with Season 1 and Vindicators/Veterans gear.
343 Resilience, 30.48% ranged crit with 1874 AP.
Ready for Season 4 to arrive with 1798 arena points and 9911 honor banked. 88 AV marks, 55 AB marks, 49 EoTS marks, 5 WSG marks.
Has PvE gear which would help you be at the top of the damage charts in SSC/TK

Epic flying mount with three epic ground mounts including the Swift Brewfest Ram.
A couple neat pets: Disgusting Oozeling and Mojo.
375 Dragonscale Leatherworking, 375 Skinning, 375 FA, 365 Cooking.
147 gold on the character with a bunch of sellable mats in the bank.

Account is originally mine, but the character is not. It was transferred onto my account when I bought it. Secret question/answer will be provided.
Account has never been used for botting or anything that would violate the terms of service.
Account is paid off until July 24.

Looking for $300. Shoot me a PM if interested.
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