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There would be interesting "counterfactual history". What if Guan Yu didn't get pwned? Probably wouldn't matter much because Liu's young son was to get the throne and he would still be utterly useless regardless of Guan's presence. Any alliance with the Wu to counter the Chao's might be difficult to form. In the end, Shu would probably be isolated as ever, and with their best generals getting old (Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong) and the new ones really rather shitty (Ma Xu, for example), Zhuge Lian would still be fighting a losing battle, overrun by the massive Chao's troops.

Interesting bit from Wikipedia, BTW

Yea, Guan Yu underestimated pang de, lu meng and lu xun. all three strong generals. Oh.. and do you mean Cao?
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