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It does prove that the earth was much warmer in the past before there was any man-made input. Thus, natural climate change fluctuates the earth's temps, not mankind.

An analogy, if you will:

Suppose forest fires occur naturally. And let's say people also start forest fires. Let's also pretend for a second that there's also some person out there that knows nothing about the causes of forest fires.

Finally, let's say this disbeliever then looked at a graph showing the occurance of forest fires over a 10 million year period.

Do you think he would have grounds for concluding that humans cannot start forest fires?

The answer, of course, is no. Hopefully you can connect the dots and see how it's relevant to our discussion.

That's what this graph is for (proves that CO2 isn't causing warming):
Since you apparently need it spelled out for you: a lack of correlation does not imply a total lack of causation (or amplification).

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