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wall candy eating retard
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Ah my pathetic little bitch

Naturally occuring forest fires for 10,00,000 years burned till they ran out of fuel raging across half a continent

Man made forest fires get put out within weeks if its a bad bad fire.

So anyone but a pathetic bitch can see that man made forest fires contribute less to forrest firrerryyies than natural ones.

Once again you miss the point. The argument has nothing to do with forest fires. I even said it was an analogy. But perhaps if I lay it out differently, you'll grasp what's being said:

Here's the "logic" of yours and Badger's argument about global warming:
a) There's a graph that shows a trend of temperature increase occuring in the past
b) Human induced CO2 emissions weren't around in the past
c) Therefore the current observed variation in temperature has nothing to do with human induced CO2 emissions

Now let's apply that kind of "logic" to forest fires:
a) There's a graph that shows forest fires occuring in the past
b) Human induced campfires weren't around in the past
c) Therefore the current levels of forest fires have nothing to do with humans induced campfires

Contrary to what you both seem to believe, multiple things can impact climate at any given time. The existence of natural warming cycles does not immediately eliminate the possibilty that something like CO2 is enhancing its effect.

Once again for the dimwitted. If C02 has a delay of 1000 years After the globe warms up and continues to RISE or even remain at the same level long after the globe cools down. It cant have had a significant effect on warming the globe or

GASP there would have to have been a catastrophic event to offset the co2 each time the earth got warm to let it cool again. No such catastrophic events are evident in the record that coincide with the earth cooling.

Get it?

I realize that whole cause and effect thing is a bit beyond your immediate grasp so take a decade or so and work it out mmmkay?
You don't seem to get it. Even if we believe your story about GIGANTIC CO2 levels in the past, there are actually natural processes, such as leaks/sinks in the carbon cycle, that can eliminate carbon from the atmosphere.
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