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Congrats. I'll just add that I smoked as much if not more than you for 8 years and I tried to quit for years. What finally did it was simply ... cold turkey. One day I woke up decided not that I wanted to stop smoking but that I wanted to get in amazing shape.. and set some goals, which included running a half marathon within 6 months. So I started training, and let me tell you, its pretty much impossible to train for a half marathon and smoke at the same time lol. Quitting smoking then became a smaller task on a large laundry list and because of this I think it was easier for my mind to combat it. Instead of looking at quitting as this impassible object, it was now just something in the way of a larger goal. Mind over matter, and you have to win over your mind before your body will follow. Magic tricks and gimmicks are never going to help you quit if your mind isn't right. They may logically counteract the chemicals, but never lose sight that will power is what is going to get you to quit and most importantly ... remain off cigarettes.

I quite smoking that day (still had half a pack left, none of that "Ill finish this pack first shit"), started training, and ran that half marathon 6 months later... all the while losing 50lbs and getting in shape. Its been over 4 years since that day and I haven't touched a cigarette since. I spent $0 quitting and saved thousands.

Ultimately always do whats best for you, congrats on your progress. My advice is to set a goal for 6 months from now, completely stop drinking alcohol until your target date and stay away from tempting influences. Others might tell you thats overboard, but thats the point. Give yourself and your body a winning chance at overcoming addiction and think of yourself first and anything anyone else says last (including me I suppose lol).

Good luck, you can do it.

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