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WTS 70 Undead Warrior on Tichondrius ~ asking $750.00 obo
~Epic Flying Mount
~Exalted with nearly every faction
~Fully EPIC PVP Gear: S3 Helm, Chest, Legs, S4 Gloves, S2 Shoulders, Guardians Neck and Belt, Vindicator Bracer, Boots, Ring, Vengeful Ring, Dory's Embrace, Stormherald w/executioner, s3 Throwing Axe, Bloodlust Brooch, Battlemaster 40+crit and 80+AP, Epic insignia of the horde, fully gemed and enchanted with the best.
~Fully EPIC Tank Gear: T4 Helm, Badge Neck, T4 Shoulder, Ilhoof Cloak, Nightbane Chest, Badge Bracers, Maiden Glove, Moroes Belt, Curator Legs, Red Havok Boots, Epic Rings and Trinkets, Sun Eater with Nightbanes shield. Pretty much the best you can get from Kara and badges. Fully gemmed and enchanted. Will tank SSC/TK easily.
~Currently has 3k+ arena points saved and ~20k honor.

~Please send me a PM with any other questions
~Will not sell if you can't use a phone and call me.
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