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That being said, I have heard there is a regulation against using anything that isn't issued, though no one who has ever told me that has ever shown it to me in a reg, nor have I otherwise seen it. Also, none of the brass up to and including a couple 3-star generals ever took exception to my personally added Magpul gear.

If you started grinding away at an issue weapon trying to change the fundamental manner of its operation, then yes, I can only imagine that would end very badly, at best if for no other reason than you would most surely have to pay for it, and at worst in a really bad situation it might be used against you in a criminal case in the death of a civilian or friendly. Nothing good could come of that, and I've never heard of anyone doing it.

In summation:

I and others accessorized, and no one ever stopped us.
I've never heard of anyone modifying the function of a weapon, and I don't think it would be allowed under any normal circumstances.

Bottom line, if your bosses let you do it, it's okay.
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