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I wanted to edit my post with this info but editing is evil apparently

So im stopping playing wow and am looking for a quick sell/trade to get this toon off my hands before i decide to play again! ive got a buncha RL shit i gotta do and WoW is taking up too much time!

I made this toon right before BC launched, have put in many hours and effort gearing him thru the times! I love this warlock and hes a blast to play

Basic Stuff

Professions - 450 Alchemy (elixir Specced) 450 Herbalism
412 Cooking / 436 First Aid

Mounts - 9 total,
Felsteed (40 Warlock Mount)
DreadSteed (60 Epic Warlock Mount)
Purple Skeletal Warhorse
Green Windrider
Purple Nether Ray
Alterac Valley Wolf
Armored Brown War Bear
Black War Bear (For The Horde!) Achievement
Violet Netherwing Drake

Vanity Pets are

Baby Blizzard Bear,Clockwork Rocketbot, Egbert, Father winter's Helper, FIREFLY!, Miniwing, Nether Ray Fry, Silver Dragonhawk hatchling, Spirit of competition.

Only Title I have on this toon is "Jenkins" at the moment.

2144Spellpower Self Buffed (With just fel armor)
239 Hit Rating - 9.11%
13.19% Crit
480 Haste = 14.64%
382 Mana Regen

47 Emblems of Heroism, 9 Emblems of Valor -
144461 Honor points Battleground marks are
228 Stonekeeper Shards

Alternately he does have frost resist gear crafted and gemmed as well as
Deadly Gladiator Felweave Raiment (PVP Chest)
Deadly Gladiators Felweave Handguards
Deadly Gladiator Felweave Trousers

Asking 160 or open to trade! (no wow characters, just i dunno, something you think might be even swap)

Account was given to some recovering heroin addict so its no longer for sale
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