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Holy hell man
Glad you're still around. You're not allowed to go out any other way than by driving head first into a barn. THOSE ARE THE RULES. ACCEPT YOUR FATE.
Looks like it's time for another project eh? Make some lemnodae man. Can't let life stop ya!

The problem is, this creates another project for me. This isn't even my car anymore. Its my soon to be ex wifes car. I'm gonna have to try to fix it. Ontop of the 30 Ford Coupe build I currently have going on.

I do believe the car is fixable. From firewall back, the car is still in pretty good shape - except the passenger door. The A pillar might be a little out of whack, and firewall is pushed in a little bit, but nothing thats not fixable.

Engine isn't leaking, but looks like it took a hell of a whopping. DOn't believe the block is cracked at least. Need to open it up and run it and see how it is and see if it survived. Best case scenario, the frame is still good, and only needs a new clip. If damage to frame is too far back, frames for these are cheap. I can get a new frame for $350, then just put a new clip on that, rebuild the chassis and move the body over. I already have a spare set of fenders, front grill, and hood (hood has big dent, but fixable). From there, new accessories, steering box/column, wheels and tires, and radiator, and I believe we can have a running car again. Would need paint, but that isn't vital. Can just primer whole car so it all matches until time comes for paint. Needed new paint anyway.
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