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What the hell are you on about? Do you seriously believe that your 15 second hack-job is a fast car?

Faster and better looking than your depressing econobox.

You see what's happening here? Genmay has already decided that the car is a "hack job" from two exterior pictures shot from 20' away... Go fuck yourselves. I'm not providing more pictures, what's the fucking point? You're a bunch of douchebags. I'm done posting original content for people who don't appreciate it. Better off just posting

Why don't you hobble off a cliff you alcoholic gimp fuck


Eat another bacon wrapped baked potato with rib tip sprinkles you lardass


why don't you seduce another hobo and put it in his butt while he sleeps you dick riding

its the same net result.. .Go ahead and think what you want, I don't really care any more. There are much greener pastures out there, forums where the default statement isn't "he bought a heap held together with zip ties lets pile on" its "hey that car is gorgeous man I love MR2's"
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