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I agree. Walk away, if she texts, make plans for then and now. She says she's busy, cut her off.

I did that recently, this girl named Michelle told me she wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day. So I bought tickets to a really nice musical. She canceled a week before because her BFF was coming to town and she hadn't seen her in a long time. She told me, "It's ok, because you have a week to get someone else to go with you."

I totally cut her off, she hasn't came back, but you know, my head is held high. Even better is that she's hanging out with guys who are all about partying and themselves and I can see she isn't enjoying herself as much (I live in barracks, so it's easy to know what is going on).

Another girl I found out was newly single, so I made plans with her. She canceled on Valentine's Day, because she was working and wasn't getting off early. Ok, no harm no foul. So I didn't respond after that and 5 days later she wrote. Made plans again, she stood me up. She wrote me again, I made plans and she canceled at the last minute. So I've been pretty much ignoring her, she writes regularly.

If she doesn't ask to hang out and offer plans, don't bother after being stood up multiple times.
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