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70 Horde Warlock US PvE

Transfer and name change are available.

Unbuffed stats:
Spell damage: 1174 (w/ fel armor)
Spell hit: 202
Spell crit: 20.84% (28.84% talented)
Spell haste: 63
Spell penetration: 5
HP: 8909
Mana: 9311

Head: Uni-Mind Headdress (+22 sp dmg +14 sp hit glyph)
Neck: Vindicator's Pendant of Subjugation (+9 sp dmg gem)
Shoulders: T5 (+18 sp dmg +10 sp crit glyph, +9 sp dmg and +12 sp dmg gems)
Back: Brute Cloak of the Ogre Magi (Subtlety enchant)
Chest: Tormented Demonsoul Robes (+6 all stats enchant, +8 sp hit gem)
Wrist: Runed Spell-cuffs (+12 intellect enchant)
Hands: Enslaved Doomguard Soulgrips (+20 sp dmg enchant, +9 sp dmg gem)
Waist: Belt of Blasting (+6 sp dmg and +6 stam, +10 sp hit gems)
Legs: Spellstrike Pants (+25 sp dmg +15 stam, +8 sp hit, +9 sp dmg, +5 spell crit and +5 sp pen gems
Feet: Boots of Incantations (Boar's Speed, +8 sp hit)
Rings: Band of Crimson Fury, Fused Nethergon Band (+12 sp dmg enchant on both)
Trinkets: Timbal's Focusing Crystal, Icon of the Silver Crescent
Main Hand: Nathrezim Mindblade (+40 sp dmg enchant)
Off Hand: Fetish of the Primal Gods
Wand: Wand of the Forgotten Star

In the bank / bags:
Stam set: T5 gloves w/ +20 spell dmg and Gladiator's legs w/ +30 stam (9785 unbuffed hp)
PvP set: Unbuffed stats are 10640hp, 8492 mana, 293 resil and 991 sp dmg – mostly gladiator gear with some blue rep gear
Extra gear: Violet Signet of the Archmage, Phoenix-fire Band
Pets: Snarly (rare baby crocolisk from fishing dailies), Sleepy Willy, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Mojo (frog from ZA), Clockwork Rocket Bot
Other professions: I dropped engineering but still have the destruction holo-gogs and the Zapthrottle mote extractor
Misc.: 26 Badges of Justice, +8 sp hit gem, Halaa tokens and powder samples

Raiding Consumables:
2 Flasks of Pure Death (65g each on the AH)
5+ Superior Wizard Oils (5 charges each)
15+ Blackened Basilisk

PvP points:
872 arena points
2738 honor points – 2 EoTS and 19 AV marks

Reputation factions:
Exalted: Frostwolf Clan, Cenarion Expedition, Sha'tari Skyguard, Shattered Sun Offensive, The Aldor, The Sha'tar, The Violet Eye
-Note: I have all heroic keys.
Revered: All "Horde" factions, Ogri'la, The Consortium, Thrallmar, Lower City, The Keepers of Time

Enchanting 377
Herbalism 375
First Aid 375
Cooking 375 (have most of the recipes in the game)
Fishing 375

PvP Kodo
PvP Raptor
PvP Hawkstrider
PvP Frostwolf Howler
(Epic flier) Red Nether Ray
(Epic flier) Hippogryph
(Epic flier) Turbo-charged Flying Machine Control (can only use if you switch to engineering)

Will sell the account with no less than 400g.

As you can see, this character is fully tuned to raiding. I have all of the badge gear that best suits this toon (gloves, shoes, ring, chest) and 26 more badges in the bank to purchase epic gems. I consistently push out more than 1200 overall dps in raids and even higher on boss fights. On Kael'Thas attempts I have pushed 1500 dps. I will link WowWebStats pages for proof of this when contacted.

I am asking $400 obo for this account.

Please contact me by email if interested: alex.peterson at gmail dot com

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