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honestly, im about 6 hours total into the beta on pc and i dont like it, not nearly as much as bad company 2, i fucking love bc2. bf3 is a completely different game. its a lot slower. you better fucking use cover, even in spawn on the first open part (first section of metro map). there is a pretty big learning curve imo. compared to other games of this genre i feel that you die the fastest/weapons are all strong (feels like hardcore mode in bc2/cod) and have the hardest/most realistic recoil for most weapons.

edit: have you ever played red orchestra, er the new one at least, it feels actually kind of similar in the way you need to use cover and prone a lot and die fast/weapon strength

dolphin diving is pretty much back

guns sound fucking awesome

aiming with iron sights, at least for me, is really fucking hard. once you get a scope its so much easier.

another thing is that i cant stand this lighting, uses some weird filter or something so shadows are really dark and light is really bright or something, i cant figure it out and to me it makes spotting enemies really hard sometimes

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f1stdacuffs put a 16 minute beta gameplay video up:

+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

He's on 360. Only beta video I've found so far.

on pc you cant walk around the map like he is, youll drop once you get out of spawn in the first part.

he also mentions "putting a sniper [rifle] on assault class" lol no you cant

operation metro blows, i can not wait for caspian border to come out
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