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don't have to do cash, that can be risky. best/safest is to go to a local branch of your bank, take out a cashiers check from that bank with the seller nearby, hand them the cashiers check.

carfax... I mean... really who gives a shit? you're buying a jalopy that you're going to drive into the ground, not resell. You can pay like fifty bucks for a small number of reports, or you can ask around on facebook groups, there are people out there who can run reports (dealerships pay for unlimited accounts.) What you really need to do properly, and not gloss over is to have a pre purchase inspection done. Get a basic one done by any shop, a gas station service depot, whatever... That will be far more valuable, waaaay better use of that $50... and will do a much better job of helping you avoid disaster than a Carfax.

Can watch youtube videos on how to do some basic checking out yourself, if it looks good enough to you, then take it to a shop.

As a buyer, you don't really need to do much of anything. Just insure it ASAP (you have 2wk grace period i believe) and get to the DMV or AAA and get it regged in your name. Seller needs to worry about doing "release of liability" etc etc. Seller should cover the smog. If it doesn't pass smog, I wouldn't buy it. Just walk away if he tries to negotiate a discount if it won't pass, and he wants you to deal with it...
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