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So, after blowing my driver side turbo, and later finding that I'm down 50PSI of compression in cylinder 5, it's time to rebuild, bigger and better. This is going to be my build thread.

My goal is 450HP at 17PSI of boost for the street. Lower than that would be fine, higher than that would be fine, but I'm pretty well set on 17-18PSI of boost, as that's right in the sweet spot of the turbos I bought to replace the baked stockers.

As of today, the motor is outta there, after sunburning the ever-loving shit out of my legs, lots of quality time with an impact wrench, and lots of cursing.

I'll be going over sometime this week to start tearing it down to the longblock to drop off at Edwards Engines for a rebuild (they built the motor for my GTO, and I trust them). I'm hoping at this point that I'll only need new pistons and rings (and, of course, bearings). The rest of the rotating assembly is forged from the factory, and it'll all be inspected at the time of build.

I forgot my camera today, but here's some leading up to today:

Towing her away - had to take the fascia off just to get it up on the trailer, it's too low otherwise (lulz overspray).

Off to somewhere that I don't mind disassembling things (stuff gets stolen when I disassemble it in my driveway)

Driver side intercooler, shortly after puking oil all over the concrete:

Radiator out of the way:

Pretty much everything from the front and sides of the engine removed:

As she sat yesterday:

Reflecting on the pull, I'm never going to let a "little leak" in the power steering get this bad, ever again. The entire passenger side of the bay is covered in Dexron III (what the Nissan uses for power steering fluid). I'll get after it this week with a pressure washer and some degreaser.
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