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Steve McQueeeeeen
Originally Posted by franksterrr
I had 90+ patient that w/alzheimers and was picking small balls of shit out of her bottom and stacking them on the bedsheet. when I entered the room, she was already eating them. She looked up and smiled with shit on her teeth and said "want some chocolate?" I was like omfg.

I had another 90+ that was so constipated when she shit it was like bigger round than a pop can and about a meter long, I had to call maintenance to unclog an industrial size toilet.

Lastly, a few months ago I had a post surgical 90+, that hadn't gone for about a week. she say's she usually "picks at is a little" to get it started. I was like omfg! so I give her a few enemas and they dont work, so I had to put the gloves on and go in..... fucken nasty smellin, had my hand up her old fucking ass.

this is the stuff i cant wait for . im applying for my colleges nursing program next semester hahaha
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