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and that's understandable.

Probably much the same as I'll never own another ATI video card because of my bad experience, while other people have the opposite experience and preference

It may have to do with the fact I have the DPS model which has details most other BM's may not, or maybe luck of the draw.

After around 600-700ish rounds I've had at most 3 failures, and 2 of those were within an hour of taking it out of the box and shooting it bone dry. Because I'd heard anecdotal tales of BM unreliability I've been conducting my own personal reliability test.

I have NEVER cleaned my bushmaster. Ever. I keep wondering when I'll eventually hear a "click" when I pull the trigger, but it hasn't happened yet. I have only squirted some spray silicone into the action a few times. It keeps going ...even after firing a couple mags of nasty ass german plastic cased blanks
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