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Rock river shit? Lol you're an idiot.

Quit sucking on the colt nipple. They make 2 styles of weapons and handcuffs and that is it.

Colt is like Japanese (read honda and toyota) car manufactures. Making mediocre and average reliability cars, and every one gets wet in their pants every time a new accord comes out, yet it's exactly I the same as before with different styling.

you're a funny guy. Today being a bad day overall for gun owners and really concerning me as a responsible gun owner...with Dicks taking ar15s off their shelves as well as Walmart, you gave me a good laugh. RRA as good as Colt thanks for that. I needed cheering up.

And to Slacker its per item. Some things have 0 discount but others have huge. A few years ago I bought a Magpul PRS from them. The price was $242 or so and I got it for $175. So 25% or better on some things. Others may be like $1
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