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I'll keep it simple..

1. I don't believe for two seconds that any 17 year old has saved up nearly $40k on his own no matter how much he's making per hour. I also don't believe that any 17 year old is making $40 an hour giving piano lessons (this really is funny stuff you're making up
I did. It's not that hard.

2. I also don't believe that any 17 year old, even if they actually had saved up nearly $40k, would all the sudden blow it all on a monumentally stupid purchase like this. In a year and a half it's value dropped in HALF, what's it gonna do in the next year and a half??? Incredibly stupid decision on your part if you in fact made it.
Sure they do. A lot of rich kids around here do it. Hell, I bought a brand new SVT foci, and then a brand new frontier.

3. Nobody is smart/disciplined enough to save up FOURTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in two years only to blow it on such a stupid waste of money. Yes it's a waste of money, because even your hypothetical $40k savings would be earning interest in a bank account, and $40k today will be more like $41k or whatever next year. Your $40k car today will be $20k a year and a half from now. NOBODY is that stupid, except for s
Sure they are. Just because you were incapable of it, stop flaming him. Who cares if it's a waste of money? It's HIS money to spend
4. I believe that your parents either purchased this vehicle entirely for themselves(most likely, 90%+ chance), or purchased it for you with a very VERY modest down payment from you and everybody on the block as co-signer.
I don't know about you, but at 17 I had a 700 credit rating already, I didn't ~need~ a cosigner.
5. You're fuckin' full of shit
you're about to get banned
6. edit: or it's your dad's new company vehicle
edit2: Explain to me why on earth a 17 year old kid would buy a fucking VW Toureggnog if he really had $40k saved up? You don't have any better taste or sense than that? $40k in cash to spend on a car and you buy a fuckin' TOUREGGNOG?? What the hell man?
I'v eseen kids save up and buy up a top of the line camry. people do weird things
Toureggnogs, Intrepids, Camrys, these are all cars that your parents would be buying/leasing/company cars, not cars that a 17 year old would be buying. Your stories are 100% pure bull fucking shit
Can it
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