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I boost my ego by finding cars I like on eBay and then pretending to buy them!
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what a little baby.. what a poor little baby who thinks he can just pay people off to shut people up.. how very very sad.

how do you deal with people at school who taunt you? you know you do. do you pay teachers off to shut them up?

very sad indeed.

I guess if I was in your position though, I'd want to pay to ban someone so that I didn't get exposed for the that I've propogated here. whatever, let me know how that works out, little baby.

edit: you gonna answer why this one has an American speedo???

Of course I am. I've stated a million times before that my dad and my uncle run the family business here and in Louisville, Kentucky. The truck was purchased from there. I'll uncensor the pics a little bit and show that it does have Ontario plates.
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