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The pathetic I was speaking of is the reflection of your character. Your choice to not make any attempt to balance logic, emotion and character leads to you treating people disrespectfully. Because of this, you have quite the reputation in this forum. However, from the looks of things, you don't care at all. That, to me, is pathetic.
Fucking hell you are thick. It is like you are fucking resistant to learning you are that dedicated to being stupid.

Of course I treat people disrespectfully on this forum, it is the arse end of the internet in terms of the sheer density of fucktards. Very few people are worthy of my respect and you sure are not one of them.

I do not care about popularity amongst fucking school kids. Why the fuck would I want to balance anything for idiots like you? No one expects me to put up with little arsehats like you in day to day life, why should the internet be any different?

Oh gosh, does this mean you have to post another one of your little cliches now?
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