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You can be in first gear OR neutral, but stick with first gear. If you see a car behind you bearing down on your ass and you have to get out of the way quick, you are not going to want to have to take that time to get the bike in gear when you could just gas it.

Technically you could be in 2nd or another gear but it puts wear and tear on your bikes components to do so and will make for a very slow take off and/or you will just out right stall.

BTW, what is the best practice for managing your downshifts when slowing? In my car I usually toss it in neutral and coast, but with a bike it seems like a bad idea. I mean, if you're in 5th and try to knock it back down to neutral, you might lose the clutch by accident and end up sliding down the road with a locked rear wheel as the engine tries to rev up to eleventy million RPMs in second gear.
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