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For my birthday I decided to finally get my rifles off my floor and leaning against my wall into something more presentable and space saving. My plan was to hit Home depot and find some sort of hook setup, but I decided to hit my local gun store first. It turns out they don't really sell them since everyone wants a safe or something to keep burglars/kids away. I don't have kids, and my neighborhood is packed with law enforcement, so it's safe. Been here 8 years and no homes have been hit yet. With that in mind, he did tell me he had one small display rack that he'd let go for 70 bux. I snagged it up, hit ACE hardware, and got to work.

Thje color wasn't going to do. Grabbed some all-in-one primer/paint and laid down 2 coats to match my bedroom's motif, aka BLACK.

Much better.

Matches my entertainment cabinet just fine.

I used giant drywall anchors and then screwed #8 x 1.5" screws into them. Seems pretty damn sturdy actually.

I also decided my Bodyguard .380 wasn't really my style, so I traded it in and grabbed this: Smith & Wesson M&P shield in .40. Made more sense to me to keep my calibers familiar, so now my USP and Shield can eat the same ammo, and I get a little more punch than the .380.

So this is where I stand in my mild arsenal.
AR-15, VEPR-12, Remington 700, H&K USP .40, and S&W M&P Shield .40.

I still want to get a .22 to play with, but not sure if I want to go Semi-auto rifle or pistol. All in all, I Had a killer birthday weekend and got my guns a little more organized. Good times

[m] needs more gun porn
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