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Time to take the Audi and Porch to the crusher and buy a bike.

Seriously though, outright deniers are either misinformed idiots or trying to gain political favor....and that last part is the issue I have with the whole thing, and that goes for both sides. A big problem is the media feeding the general public info that is often either conflicting or vague at best. The worst is when the same media outlet publishes a "doomsday" article saying that if we don't drastically reduce carbon emissions then this and that will happen....and then later put out an article quoting climate scientists saying it's already too late even if we did take society back to the stone age. Why should people care about changing things if change won't really change anything?

My feeling is the "climate change" we're seeing is a combination of natural cycles (the earth has had a mild climate for a relatively short time compared to it's age) and man made activities. I think progressing to alternate forms of energy in a sane manner, (not trying to force it too quickly before there are good alternatives that are affordable to the masses) ...which means not giving world governments an excuse to grab more control of the populace. Bringing our economy to a standstill "for the good of the planet" will be the end of us as a nation, while China, Russia and other countries keep on doing what they're doing and become the defacto superpowers of the world. It's like having a disease and opting to try a radical treatment that is known to make you very sick and can kill you...with an unknown success rate. If the "cure" is worse than the disease and may not have the desired result regardless, you might want to rethink things and choose a treatment that doesn't destroy whatever quality of life you have left.

Adapting is what humans do best, and we better start working on that if what we're hearing about the future has a good chance of actually happening. Personally I think the clearing of rainforests are a bigger issue than what comes out of tailpipes (emissions can be reduced and eventually eliminated, rainforests can't really be replanted)....but you won't hear quite as much about that since it's largely out of our politicians realm of control. Speaking of which, it's a little arrogant to think that the upright mammals living on the thin outer crust have total control of the earth for either good or bad..

Bottom line: as long as climate science is wrapped up in politics (and it has to be to some extent) we will have opposing sides. I'm on the side that wants cleaner air and water, more natural plants/trees and less concrete, steel and plastic. On the other hand, I realize that concrete, steel and plastic are simply things made with stuff the earth already had lying around.

/rant, my memorial day plans got pushed back a day and I find myself bored and forgetting to buy beer earlier.

you...make sense.

I'm just sick of politics contaminating science, regardless of what "side" the politics is on. When AGW is treated as holy gospel with the religious fervor of the most radical Durka Durka, where anyone who questions some of the claims of the AGW cult are crucified as infidels- even when that person was a leading scientist and director of their prestigious institute

I have a problem with "scientists" who are so interested in the results of their "research" they resort to tactics such as described.
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