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Originally Posted by Stoney
Airsoft 1911 takedown:

1. Mag out:

2. Pull the slide back until the slide release catch lines up with the small notch behind on the slide

3.push the slide release catch through from the otherside

4. slide will run forward, just pull it off the frame

5. pull the recoil spring out and then push the barrel forward and unscrew the outer barrel

6. you can now just pull the inner barrel with hop unit etc out

gas piston can be removed by unscrewing the allen (hex) bolt holding the rear sight on but you dont need to do that for basic cleaning/lubing

be great if someone could post pics of a real 1911 takedown, would be cool to see how it compares

Wow, thats pretty accurate to how a real one tears down. When i get my i upload account going, i will post a real 1911 tear down. Except you have to remove the recoil spring plug (Without it flying across the room (DOH)) Then you can pull the slide off. Unless you want the slide to stay as one peice, and not break it down, then you can just pull out the mag catch release, and slide the slide off.

Gimmie time and i can post how to do the M1 garand, and the ar15 rifle.

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