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WTS: 70 Horde Druid + 70 Alliance Paladin + BETA ACCESS!

I tried out the beta thinking it would spark me into playing wow again but it hasn't made me like wow anymore so I'm just going to sell.

This account comes with an active WotLK Beta access as well

The current live characters are:

Level 70 Tauren Druid - Burning Blade (PVP)
these numbers arent exact because my armory page is out of form in DPS gear
Link to out of form + DPS gear:

Normal Flight form
375 Jewelcrafter and Skinner
1000+ saved arena points
50k+ honor

Played feral

DPS gear:
-2600 AP unbuffed
-32% crit chance

Tank Gear:
20k armor
415+ def
34%+ dodge
can tank any heroic, karazhan, and most bosses in ZA with ease.

Level 70 Human Paladin - Twisting Nether (RPPVP)
Link to armory data:

Comes with old pvp title
Holy Specced and geared
375 Tailoring (Primal Mooncloth), 345 Enchanting
Normal Flying Mount
Has healed The Eye and SSC easilly topping charts
unsure of honor or arena points

for this one gear can easily be seen on the link

Account is 100% clean never been suspended and only 1 ever warning from a GM for profanity
Paladin comes with old pvp title (Master Sergent I believe).
All server transfers and name changes are available.

Asking 500 OBO since it also comes with beta access.
shoot me any reasonable offers, sorry no trades, cash only

You get access to BOTH accounts. The live account with the listed characters and the beta account with both already transfered over (druid on PVP test server, paladin on PVE test server due to realm conflicts)
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