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Top Gear Torrent Guy
Account 1:
70 Undead Warrior - Korgath (PvP)
Ready to tank all of T6 content along with a decent MS set and PvP set.
4500+ g, Netherdrake, tons of enchanting materials
375 Enchanting (most rare enchants, this is how I made most of the gold)/Mining
Misc alts for screwing around: 39 Belf Hunter, 58ish Gnome Mage

Account 2:
70 Tauren Shaman - Korgath (PvP)
Ready to heal T6 content
Epic Engineering Flying Mount
375 Engineering / Mining
Misc alts: 70 Gnome Warlock, 70 Dwarf Paladin, various twinks

I'm looking to quit WoW and get rid of my characters so I can't play again. These two accounts are good for you and a friend to start raiding tier 6 or PvP.

Both chars have transfers and name changes up. Original owner along with question/answer. You can also transfer characters between these 2 accounts.

We can work something out for individual characters.

PM me for more info and offers.

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