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1. Yes it is Kamakaze's fault that the clan split. Ask Basileus, Kaution, and BKs.
2. The only reason you were able to donate so much was because we gave you guys the money first. The weapon was not "yours" until EVERYONE that was participating had their weapon...and not everyone had theirs, therefore it wasn't yours to sell.
3. Kamakaze has had a history of being a greedy asshole. First was with the Dark Hose. He conveniantly forgot that I told him to give them to Haparo. Then it was with him and BKs. He demanded compensation for all the crafting materials he found for him. Then it was with the spear. You gave him the money and he took it all for himself totally disregarding the fact that the clan was still only level 0 and that the money could have been used to level up the clan and also give the next person enough money to upgrade.
4. The drama has been over, I have cut all my relations with Kamakaze in the game, and I don't feel like talking to him ever again.

EDIT: And your spear was 150k more than anyone else paid for theirs.

I was planning on having the [M] though...

Wow u guys are bitter. This is the whole reason i was planning on leaving anyway. You are way to uptight of a clan leader herel. The only reason krypt gave me his shit is because i am letting him play a char on my account so as compensation for me letting him play for free he gave me his stuff.
I love how u formulated the "list" of my history of "Greed". First off me not letting haparo get the dark hose was a complete accident, I honestly forgot that he needed it cuz it was like 5am when i went to bed and i just set up a shop and went to sleep. But u didn't believe me wheni told u that. And me DEMANDING money from BKs for ingredients?!?!?!
WTF is that shit about i gave him all my stuff for free. The one time i did take money from him he offered it to me cuz it was expensive stuff and i only asked for what the store pays for it. So i took all of 7.5K from him, which he offered. Not to mention i gave BKs 50K for ingredients for his 400K weapon (which he lost) which i never got compensation for, which is fine with me. But i have never demanded anything of BKs for ingredients.

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I won't bother typing out my own response to you Kryptonic, it's already been said. To further add to the list however, when confronted, Kakazame couldn't formulate an adequate response aside from insults. But I don't care, my hands are clean of you both and your inclusion in the game is no longer necessary for me.

I gave u adequetate response Bas but u don't even listen to me when i type so it pissed me off. I don't see why u were so pissed anyway about the "clan" not getting the weapon back seeing as how u left the "clan" anyway. Obviously u weren't that dedicated to the clan either.

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