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I worked for a UPS hub when I was younger and it was ran like one would assume a union shop in todays world would be.

Hard workers didn't appear to get anywhere. The only way you seemed to get promoted or a job worth a crap was by either getting hurt and agree'ing not to sue or by knowing someone or perhaps paying someone.

I have a neighbor that drives for UPS and he comes home everyday for around 2 hours at the end of the day before returning the truck. I have to assume he's on the clock because otherwise why not just return it and get home, it's a hellish drive either-way.

This seems to be the norm for UPS, you see trucks sitting for hours around 5PM and the only thing I can put together is they are on the clock killing time before returning the truck to the service centers.

You never see fedex trucks sitting idle anywhere.

With all of that said, UPS also makes you *at least in my area* agree to stay at their job for a period of time which is something unheard of in any other market. They do this because it sucks and it's not worth the hassle of working under college kid supervisors that have the positions because they know someone or got hurt loading a truck.

I do apologize for bumping a year old post. This topic came out again in the last few days and this forum is right up there in the search results.
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