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Originally posted by JetAce44
I knew that would be a factor... just checked the pata counterpart and it is indeed almost $100 cheaper at $252.

Is HighPoint Technologies a good company for raid cards? I've been trying to decide between the HighPoint RocketRAID 1820 (8 Port SATA Controller Card) and the 3Ware Escalade 8506 (4 Port SATA Controller Card). They are both, I believe, 64bit (which I have support for on my mobo). I know aolhater swares by 3ware, but I dunno if I want to spend that much money. Is HighPoint any good?
I bought a highpoint raid controller for the server I mentioned earlier. The array would never finish initializing. It would lock up every time. I completely eliminated any possible problem by trying it in a different machine. RMA'd it and got the escalade and have been using it since.

3ware > *

edit: the highpoint is pci-x 133mhz, the 3ware I got is 64-bit/66MHz PCI
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