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Haha, Genmay really turns it's tide in a blink of the eye.

Everything's all lolol why so serios, dupe's and gimmick's galore until someone actually gets pwned. Scamming and shitting all over people is all fun and games until you're the one being fooled.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the guys actions but if this had been a thread about how some guy on 4chan/SA/OT etc. ripped of a bunch of people by pretending he had cancer, we wouldn't really give shit. But now that someone's had forum regulars hook, line and sinker we need his head on a platter

Half of the shit on genmay is just people pretending to be something on the internet that they're actually not. This champ did a really good job at it, he may have been a gargantuan douchebag for doing so.. but he sure did have you guys going for good while there.
Haha, yeah, he's awesome! Playing on people's sympathies by pretending to have a terminal disease is super cool! Then stealing money and time from those who wanted to be decent human beings towards him. What a shrewd player! Truly a legend who should be revered and exhalted.

If this is true, what he did is disgusting, wrong, and completely fucked up. No matter who's involved.
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