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Best 65 inch or larger TV for 2000.00

Looks like we still have some gadgety folks here and I've been out of the game too long. Still rocking my 2012 61 inch Samsung DLP in the living room, and a 2003 65" Samsung RPTV in the garage. I want to take the DLP and put it in the garage, which means now I need a new main TV. I sit about 10-11 feet away. I'm saying 65" or larger, just because then it miht feel like an upgrade, but if there's some 60 inch badass unit out there then tell me why I should snag it. I'm on /r/hometheater , and I'm holding out on AVSforums because I don't want a headache reading every argument. I have a Roku 3 so Smart features and 3D mean NOTHING to me. Speakers are the same. No need.

OK.. what have we got?
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